Global Marketing

TimeZone’s mission is to assist U.S.- based brands whether it be music, fashion, film, publications or corporate entities, establish presence in the world marketplace. International exposure is pivotal to any brand and our company can serve as your global launching pad. We are committed to providing a reliable one-stop source that moves brands from the limitation of a “category” to the freedom of the world at large.

Our network of local international marketing reps includes members of known tastemaker communities in their respective territories. They also have spread the word on new and established clients on behalf of TimeZone for the past sixteen years. Their product is always highly regarded, given their ability to expose international consumers to brands that are on the cutting edge in America. All of TimeZone’s clients benefit from our teams dedication to represent what is “rated next” in order to create buzz in the marketplace. We create comprehensive and global marketing plans that are territory specific and takes an aggressive grassroots outreach approach. It’s all about direct to consumer marketing and the creation of word of mouth campaigns.

Breaking U.S. Artists Abroad


TimeZone International is a catalyst for increased communication between U.S. labels and their international affiliates, licensors, or distributors. International exposure is essential in the growth of an artist’s career, and our mission is to move artists from the limits of selling records only in North America to unlimited worldwide sales. TimeZone is very proud of its diverse roster of artists from various musical genres. We are as committed to our new and emerging artists (whether they be signed to a major label) as we are to our established artists.

We go through great lengths to ensure that our artists are as comfortable in Berlin, London, or Paris as they would be in New York, Los Angeles or Atlanta. The sometimes “shock to the system” of international travel is turned into a learning tool to stress the importance of global artistic recognition and appreciation of other cultures. TimeZone prepares its clients for the cultural, social, linguistic, intellectual and political implications of the foreign territories they visit. This valuable education has enabled artists to travel abroad with ease and confidence and allows them to connect with their worldwide audience in a language that transcends words and boundaries… MUSIC.


Touring Opportunites

TimeZone International has a rich network of international booking agents, promoters, and venue owners allowing artists the opportunity to tour abroad. Our staff books numerous promotional and pay-date tours throughout the world.

Attached Services:
  • Manage professional and pay-date tours
  • Facilitate trans-atlantic and travel between territories
  • Secure international travel and relevant work permits
  • Coordinate marketing promotion and press surrounding the tour

Artist Development

Many artists who are successful abroad find it challenging to break into the U.S., although imported music is in such high demand in America. Music made outside of the U.S. usually enjoys critical acclaim, but somehow sales don’t always reflect it. Often the difference can be just in the way an artist is styled for the U.S. market. TimeZone prepares artists from other territories for release in America by offering a source of well-respected specialists in the areas of:

  • Production and remix
  • Grassroots marketing and promotion
  • Artist development
  • Styling and imaging
  • Media training